Our Company

Shaw Realty & Overage Recovery Services audits public records throughout the country looking for money being held by government agencies by going through their public records searching for lost, missing or just unclaimed funds belonging to private citizens.  We verify the rightful and entitled owners to the funds and offer as a professional service, our assistance with the  recovery.

We know the process and procedures so if a government agency is holding your money, we know how to make a successful claim.

WATCH OUT!  If a claim has not been made withing a certain period of time, your money will belong to the government.

Our Mission

If claim to your funds is not made within a specific time…which varies by state and county, these funds often “escheat” to the agency holding them, meaning you can no longer claim them.  Our mission is to ensure this never happens. 


Helping You Recover Your Money

If you were contacted by our company, it’s because we have located funds that belongs to you or a relative and we can help you claim and recover these funds.   

We urge you to contact us right away by email, phone or you can fill out a REQUEST A CALL thru this website’s home page and we’ll contact you at the requested date/time.  These funds are held for only a brief period before the responsible agency is permitted to seize them by a legal process called “escheatment.”

More than 14 Billion dollars from foreclosures, tax sale overage, tax and mortgage over-payments, funds related to property sales and other transactions is being held by the U.S. Government – just waiting to be claimed!

Paperwork and Payment

Once we have spoken directly and you wish for us to work your claim, we will prepare the necessary paperwork for your signature making us your agent in this matter.

Our firm works on a contingent basis so these is no out-of-pocket expenses to you.  We are paid a percentage of the amount we successful recovery for you and we cover ALL expenses related to the claim including any Court costs, Attorneys fees, Notary fees, shipping, and mailing costs, etc. until it is paid.  If for whatever reason we are unsuccessful you owe us nothing.

After receiving our paperwork package, we will send a local notary to collect it from you and overnight it back to our office. Claims are usually processed to completion in 3-4 months depending on the complexity of the case, the specific Agency holding your money, and your share of the claim, typically 60-70% of the funds collected.  All funds are deposited directly into our Broker trust account and payment to you is made within 30 days of receipt.

Contact Us

We have located funds that we believe belong to you so please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss your claim in detail and begin the process of recovering the money you are rightfully entitled to.  You can reach us at the email address or phone number listed on the homepage of this website.   Other ways to contact us is by We Are Here Live Chat or REQEST A CALL by leaving us your contact information and a date/time you will be available, and we will call you.

Contact us today for more information, to discuss your situation in detail and get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is NO.

Our primary focus is helping people who have been…for lack of a better word, robbed by the government, to finally have the tools and resources needed to successfully fight back.

There are a number of ongoing governmental audits, attorney fees, filing claims, legal opinion letters, and even more that we work through to help you win the fight and recover your money.

None of this costs you anything upfront and we only receive a portion of the money that we recover for you AFTER all the work is done and the claim paid.

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It depends. If there is surplus money available, it typically takes 3-4 months to process a claim to completion depending on the government agency involved. We work as quickly as possible and keep you up to date on status of your claim and certainly when it has been paid.

Keep in mind after a period of time, the government can lay claim to your money so they and not in a hurry to give it up.

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Worst-case scenario. Let’s say we get your paperwork and we submit to it our Attorneys and find out that the government doesn’t owe you money or that it’s already permanently defaulted to them — which would be a horrible outcome for everyone EXCEPT the government.  In that case, because we didn’t collect anything for you, it cost you nothing. We bare 100% of the cost of doing all the research and effort.  There’s never any upfront cost to our clients.

Let’s go to the other extreme.  Let’s say we find the money and it’s still there waiting to be claimed. Our Attorneys file the claim, manage the entire process, and do all the legwork and within a few months, we notify you that we are sending you a large check. In either case… you win.

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Various government agencies are holding more than 14 Billion dollars from foreclosures, tax sale overage, tax and mortgage over-payments, funds related to property sales, etc.

We search the records of many different government agencies on a regular basis for unclaimed funds that are due citizens like yourself.

We usually locate our clients by doing internet searches.

Once you have signed our Client and contingency fee agreement, we will disclose where the funds have been located!

Please  to begin the process.

You can absolutely do that.  Where you would start is another question entirely.  There are countless piles of government records we sort through to identify people who may be owed money.  However, you can absolutely do all the work, research, filing, attorney fees, claims, and pay all costs yourself.

OR you can let us do the work for you with no upfront cost and enjoy life while we’re doing it all for you!

Please  to discuss your case and begin the process.

Most of the assets we locate aren’t available by searching the internet, and it’s unlikely that without the aid of a company like ours, you would  become aware of their existence by the agency holding them, who to contact at that agency, and their specific requirements for recovery.

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We are here to serve you so please right away before the time for you to file a claim expires and your money is lost to the agency that is holding them.